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Paragraph Styles+

offered by Filipe Werneck97,289 users


Manage the formatting of your Headings and create your own extra Custom Styles.
   --Fixed problem when loading fonts with whitespace in the name
   --Added new fonts: Aladin, Cairo, Audiowave

Let me know what you think about the add-on and your feature requests in the comments bellow.

Paragraph Styles+ provides a visual interface to control the appearance of your Headings. It also enables three new formatting options: Insert Page break before a Heading, to have a paragraph all in CAPITALS, and how to number your Headings!

PS+ also allows you to create up to 6 Custom Styles, apply them to your paragraphs and then update their formatting all at once.

When you have created the perfect set of styles, make them your default and they will be used when creating new files and can be imported into existing files too.

*The add-on is in the early days, and some things are not yet supported. Please refer to our documentation for more datails:*


Version: 51
Updated: July 2, 2018
Language: English