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Paperpusher is like a tiny bookkeeper living in your Google Drive. It can organize and analyze all your receipts and invoices.
Paperpusher is like a tiny bookkeeper living in your Google Drive. With Paperpusher, you can take your data straight from your receipts to a Google Sheet. Then, you can tag your expenses with custom tags, store the receipt data in a central Sheets database of all your expenses, and slice and dice your purchase history with the Filter function.

The best part? It's all in Sheets, and it's all under your control. Edit your data, export it, or share it: it's up to you.

Full features listed below:

1) Makes it easy to input line by line expenses from a paper or electronic receipt or invoice.

2) Puts all of your receipts/invoices in a single spreadsheet database for easy viewing.

3) Automatically tags your purchases for apples-to-apples comparisons from different vendors.

4) Allows you to quickly review products or vendors so you can make smart purchasing decisions based on your own history. 

5) Slices and dices your purchase history with custom tools, so you can ask your purchase history the tough questions.

6) Allows you to easily share your purchase and review data with friends in a publishable format.

7) PREMIUM: Automatically update linked spreadsheets with your purchases, reviews, and tags.

8) PREMIUM: Create multiple databases for all of your purchase categories.


Version: 14
Updated: May 10, 2018
Language: English