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Oriole Sheets To Calendar

354 users


Generate a template in Sheets and create multiple Google Calendar entries with a single click
Oriole is an app which allows the user to create multiple entries into their Google Calendar from a template in Google Sheets. The app generates the Sheet and once the user has filled it in, they hit Sync to publish each entry.

This app is designed for people who use their calendar often and sometimes receives a number of events they need to capture to their Google Calendar quickly. For example:
A teacher who gets their term plan
A secretary who needs to book appointments for their co-workers (Google Calendar allows users to access co-worker’s calendars) or employers.
Someone who is capturing appointments or meetings from notes
Anyone who may wish to capture a bunch of items in one go
And many other use cases besides…

If you use Google Calendar regularly this app will be useful to you


Version: 4
Updated: July 16, 2018
Language: English (UK)