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Create action items in Docs (e.g protocol, todo list) - which are automatically synchronized to Organiseme, the task /todo list app.
Organiseme is a todo list / task management / productivity application that supports you getting your things done – in private and in business life. Organiseme consists of a web application ( and apps for iPhone, Android phones and Android tablets - and this Add-on for Google Docs.

Once you have installed the Organiseme Add-on in Google Docs, you can create tasks directly in Docs. Just select “Organiseme > Add tasks” in the “Add-on” menu. Then a dialog box will be opened, where you can enter the task description and priority - you can create unlimited tasks. Also you need to select one of your Organiseme task lists. Once you click “Add” the tasks will be added to this document in a table format - ideal e.g. for a meeting protocol. In the background, the tasks are automatically transferred  to your Organiseme account - where they are added to the task list selected by you before in the dialog box in Google Docs.


Version: 7
Updated: May 28, 2019
Language: English