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OrangeSlice: Student Rubric

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Easily and quickly make rubric selections and provide your peer holistic and written feedback.
This is the student version of Teacher Rubric.  Students are able to review their peer's work, make rubric selections and provide written feedback.  The complete bundle of feedback is then presented to the student with a professional appearance.

The peer's review becomes a permanent record on the student's assignment.  Once the teacher uses Teacher Rubric to make the final assessment, the peer's comments and rubric feedback are maintained.  This allows the student to see their progression from early on until the end.  In fact, the teacher can deepen the student's journey by doing a spot check, holistic review of the student's work.  At the conclusion of the assignment, there would be record of three reviews: a peer's review, a teacher's holistic review and finally the teacher's final grade.  This historical record can then be the starting point student reflections and teacher-student conversations on how to improve.


Version: 25
Updated: October 31, 2019
Language: English (United States)