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Onshape BOM

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Extract Bills of Materials (BOM) part lists and update metadata from connected Onshape Assemblies.
Onshape BOM for Google Sheets Add-on connects to your Onshape account and extracts bills of material (BOMs) from your assemblies. Once extracted, all important metadata from the assembly is populated into the Google Sheet including:

* Created by 
* Created date (UTC)
* Modified by
* Modified date (UTC)
* BOM creation date

BOM columns:

* Item number
* Quantity
* Name
* Description
* Part Number
* Revision
* State

Modification of the BOM values in Google Sheets can also be updated and synchronized back to the Onshape part and assembly metadata fields for the following:

For workspaces and versions:
* Description
* Part number
* Revision

For workspaces only:
* Name

For versions only:
* State

Currently this add-on extracts a "Parts-only" BOM.  Connecting Google Sheets to Onshape's full cloud CAD centralizes your Bills of Material management.

Other options:
* Get preview of any BOM line item
* Added support for export of BOM data into tabs for rel-1.59 Drawings insert BOM

* Added support for Configurations (read and write)
* Added support for Standard Content and read of Part Number of Description


Version: 33
Updated: March 9, 2018
Language: English (United States)