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Notion for Google Sheets

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All your data in one place. Instantly visualized. Notion gives you the power to collaborate on the KPIs that matter.
Notion for Google Sheets gives you the power to get all your key metrics in one place. Upload historical values for your KPIs and mix with data from your other tools. Learn from your data so your team collaborates on the goals that matter.

Teams love Notion:
• Share all your key metrics in one place.
• Stop chasing spreadsheets and people to get the metrics you care about.
• See your sheets data visualized inside of your Slack channels.
• The fastest path to dashboards and reporting for your team.
• Avoid nagging – send data owners automatic reminders to report.
• Create dashboards for JIRA, dashboards for Intercom, dashboards for Github, dashboards for Zendesk and more while mixing in your custom sheets data.
• Capture the story behind your data with team commenting and charts in Slack.
• Help leadership understand your numbers – give context to your charts and numbers
• Discover gaps and opportunities for alignment with Team Polling.
• Generate one-click, sharable reports – Everyone will think you spent all weekend preparing them.


Version: 7
Updated: December 19, 2016
Language: English (United States)