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Naavi Group Sync

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Create and update Google Groups from data stored in a Google Sheet
Naavi Group Sync is a free tool for creating and updating Google Groups with data stored in a Google Sheet. Store your group's details such as name, owners, managers and members in a Google Sheet, and use this tool to create and update Google Groups from that data.

- Setup your groups and related users in one go
- Add new users as needed
- Quick and easy
- Create your own groups or groups on behalf of other users
- Works with G Suite accounts
- Keep groups up to date with information from a Spreadsheet
- NEW: Remove users is they are not listed in the Spreadsheet

Getting Started:
- Create a new Google Spreadsheet or use this template:
- Search for Naavi Email Merge under Add-ons
- Map your group names, owner, manager and member emails. Group code is the unique identifier that can be used to re-sync changes and add users to that group code in the future.

Press Sync! You will get an email summary in your email once the sync is complete! Don't close the window while it's syncing.

Remember you can come back and update your group lists at any time.

We welcome any feedback on Naavi Group Sync - for more information, visit


Version: 4
Updated: April 10, 2019
Language: English