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MessageCloud Send & Receive SMS, & HLR Lookup

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Broadcast bulk SMS and also HLR Lookup numbers. Data cleanse to find a number's network, ported status, live status and country.
Simply populate 3 columns in Google Sheet:

1) The mobile numbers in international format
2) The message to send next to each mobile number
3) The sender ID which is who you want the message to be sent from. 

It should look like this:

Mobile Numbers           Messages           Sender ID
44789012345              Hi everyone...     Pizzashop
44712345678              Hi everyone        Subshop
44567890123              Deal tonight...    Pizzashop 

You can send a maximum of 2,000 messages with one send. To send more you can repeat this multiple times. 

There are no setup fees, or monthly fees, just a low cost per message. Add now to receive 10 FREE test credits.


Version: 53
Updated: 3 June 2018
Language: English (UK)