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Merge Values

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Use this add-on to join values in the selected rows, columns, or range and keep all original data intact.
This add-on will become your best assistant for combining values from adjacent cells the way you need. You can join values in the selected rows, columns, or cells and keep the original data untouched. Merge Values add-on makes the process of combining records in your sheet very simple.  
-	Choose if you want to merge values horizontally, vertically, or get all records from the range in one cell
-	Enter delimiters to separate the joined values 
-	Pick additional options that let you skip empty cells, wrap text, and more
You can keep your table structure or insert new columns and rows with the merged data. This tool still allows you to merge areas without losing a single value. Besides, it lets you get a backup copy of your sheet in case you want to refer to the original data. 
Whenever you find records that belong together in different cells, you can run this add-on to quickly fix this.

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Version: 19
Updated: June 13, 2016
Language: English