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Allows Meraki network administrators to find all clients that aren't on an approved list.
This add-on for Google Sheets allows Meraki network administrators to set a list of approved clients by MAC address, and then compare the current connected clients to that list. MerakiBlocki also allows the network administrator to block all unauthorised clients.

To use this add-on, you must have full access to a Meraki organization with API access turned on.  

Simple privacy policy:
Every time you run a function, a small analytics script runs that tells me which function you ran and when. Also, if you occur an error, it sends me the error. I get no personal information, and, of course, I will never send your API key. This data is retained by me for an indefinite amount of time. This data will not be sold to any entity, it's just for my curiosity.

Version 26 is under GitHub release v0.5.1.


Version: 26
Updated: June 2, 2018
Language: English (United States)