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Mendeley citation plugin

offered by rob3,792 users


Plug in allows Mendeley users to access their folders and groups, cite references in their document and create a bibliography

Alternatives exist in F1000Workspace, ColWiz or Paperpile. This was a proof of concept and has multiple issues.

An UNOFFICIAL proof of concept of a google docs citation manager plugin. Lets you access your references and quickly insert a bibliography into a google doc.

This plugin has limitations. Please read the website carefully (see link below) before using. It is a hobby project and not commercially supported in any way.

If you want a solid citation manager experience I can recommend you use the alternatives paperpile (paid for) or colwiz (free) which can both do the job of reference management more efficiently, and you can migrate your Mendeley library easily.

This (final) release fixes a few issues:
1) I've increased the speed and reliability of creating a bibliography.
2) Searching for references when copy and pasted from a different document works better and should allow multiple people logged into multiple Mendeley libraries work together
3) a couple of small workflow bugs

The previous release fixed the following:
1) Folders should now synchronise better with Mendeley
2) You can now copy and past referenced text between documents.
3) The bibliography can be cut & pasted to move it to a new place.
4) Folder linking is now done via the sidebar.
5) Lots of other minor irritations fixed.


Version: 7
Updated: February 22, 2018
Language: English