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Math Equations

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Convert Latex, AsciiMath and MathML equations to an image.
Math Equations allows you to take your typeset languages and convert them to images to use inside of your slideshow.  Other features include the ability to reload a equation image and make changes and re upload to your presentation.   

Recent changes added the math equations data into the alt text, which you can see by clicking using control + alt + y.

Supported Languages are

Other Features
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If this extension is interested you can check out my other extension that allows you to create math equations on any site.

  --valid Tex equation

  x^n + y^n = z^n

  Tex type uses inline notation.  Which restricts what you can add in your equation.

  Add \[ ]\ will cause a error at the current iteration.
  Also many formatting tags and the use of usepackage will cause a error. Some of these feature i will include after i build a separate window to work on larger equations. 

   --Valid MathML

   MathML doesn't need to have a <math> tag to be a valid equation.  

  --Valid AsciiMath
  sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2


Version: 10
Updated: July 25, 2018
Language: English