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Converts spreadsheet selection into GitHub Markdown table with text formatting. Saves to Google Drive.
Now creating a Markdown table is simple and easy. Select a spreadsheet range, and convert the selection to a Markdown table. Save your conversion to Google Drive or copy and paste it anywhere.

From Google Drive, you can edit your markdown with third-party Drive apps (e.g., StackEdit).


--Bug fixes

--Improves monospace font recognition
--Improves Hyperlink title handling
--Compatibility fixes for Apps Script API changes.
--Available in Google Play for Education in all countries.
--Adds support for additional Monospace fonts in Google Sheets; any monospace font is rendered as inline code syntax with back-ticks
--Adds support for vertical pipes (now displayed as inline code syntax)
--Moves add-on to Productivity category, to include more non-developer users
--Bug fixes
--Adds multi-line support for table cells
--Adds update button to UI
--Improves compatibility for bold, italic and strikethrough font styles
--Adds feature to convert HYPERLINK formulas to Markdown links
--Adds table column alignments (left, center or right) based on first row of the range
--Adds range auto-cropping to reduce selection to data within row and column bounds
--Converts cells formatted with monospace type (i.e., Courier New) to inline code syntax (with back-ticks)
--Two options now available for conversion:
----Converts a specified range to table
----Converts the entire spreadsheet (with auto-cropping) to table
 --First Chrome Web Store Release


Version: 11
Updated: April 4, 2018
Language: English