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Converts spreadsheet selection into GitHub Markdown table with text formatting. Saves to Google Drive.
MarkdownTableMaker. Simple conversion from spreadsheet to Markdown. Markdown was created by John Gruber. Now creating a Markdown table is simple and easy. Select a spreadsheet range, and convert the selection to a Markdown table. 

Copy and paste it anywhere (e.g., GitHub, StackEdit, Atom, Mado, Minimalist Markdown Editor, etc.).

Save your conversion to Google Drive. Once your exported markdown document is on Google Drive, you can edit your markdown with third-party Drive apps (e.g., StackEdit).

This is the CLASSIC version.


--Bug fixes
--More monospace fonts supported
--New export filename prefix 'MarkdownTableMaker-'

--Improves monospace font recognition
--Improves Hyperlink title handling
--Compatibility fixes for Apps Script API changes.
--Available in Google Play for Education in all countries.
--Adds support for additional Monospace fonts in Google Sheets; any monospace font is rendered as inline code syntax with back-ticks
--Adds support for vertical pipes (now displayed as inline code syntax)
--Moves add-on to Productivity category, to include more non-developer users
--Bug fixes
--Adds multi-line support for table cells
--Adds update button to UI
--Improves compatibility for bold, italic and strikethrough font styles
--Adds feature to convert HYPERLINK formulas to Markdown links
--Adds table column alignments (left, center or right) based on first row of the range
--Adds range auto-cropping to reduce selection to data within row and column bounds
--Converts cells formatted with monospace type (i.e., Courier New) to inline code syntax (with back-ticks)
--Two options now available for conversion:
----Converts a specified range to table
----Converts the entire spreadsheet (with auto-cropping) to table
 --First Chrome Web Store Release


Version: 13
Updated: October 25, 2018
Language: English