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Build your own data file on G Drive directly from G Sheets with a click. Ready to View with the Mapping web app using Google Maps.
Plotting your own data onto a map is in great demand for businesses and individuals. We want to map all kinds of different data—from business contacts to next week’s appointments, or simply all your friends’ addresses.

For the first time, the Mapping Sheets add-on is providing an easy way to process your data directly from Google Sheets onto a map.

First, the Mapping Sheets add-on will read your data from Google Sheets and create a .json file on your Google Drive. Then, the Mapping web app will process the .json file and plot your data directly onto a map. You can get your data from Google Sheets and onto a map in just a few clicks.

⇨ Mapping Sheets add-on
Getting started with your data on Google Sheets
➧Enter all your mapping data onto a sheet, or insert a demo sheet from the ⋮ menu
➧Select the 3 column headers you want to use for Title, Filter, and Location when building the map 
➧Click BUILD to process your data
➧Click VIEW to open the Mapping web app and see all your locations on the map

Main features: 
− Select the 3 data headers you want to use for Title, Filter, and Location
− The Title determines the value of the header in the Infowindow
− The Location determines the coordinates on the map
− The Filter will group mapping locations using the same icon image
− Include additional columns to display more information on the map
− Use default icons and colors, or assign your own icons and colors to each filter value
− Select custom data to show in the icon title (mouseover tooltip) based on a template string
− Select the data to display in the Infowindow based on a list of your headers
− Use image file urls (jpg, gif, png, svg) to show an image in the Infowindow
− Use valid urls to show links (...⬈) in the Infowindow
− Select custom data to show in the Location List, based on a template string
− Access some extra actions in the ⋮ menu
− Insert demo sheet for testing (optional)
− View demo map
− Refresh header list in the sidebar if you make any changes to the data sheet headers
− Available in more than 30 languages (thanks to all the translators, including Google Translate 😉 )

+ Additional filters including checkboxes and numeric sliders
+ Optional quantity tags next to each filter value
+ Show one filter value per line (optional)
+ Use optional multi-value filter (with your own custom separator)
+ Choose to hide the filter menu on loading the map
+ Custom Mapping web app page title
+ Select an icon set from a list of available options 
+ More features in the queue already under development

➧ Basic Free Plan: Up to 50 locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) features.

➧ Advanced Premium Plan: No restrictions in the number of locations per map. Includes all the basic (−) and advanced (+) features.

(†) Disclaimer: The Advanced Premium Plan does not avoid service errors, limitations and quotas like Google Geocoding daily quota, Google Drive maximum file size, etc.

⇨ Mapping web app
A generic data driven web app using Google Maps that loads data and settings from a .json file in Google Drive.

The Mapping web app is free to access, publicly available with no fee, no credentials are required for access, and the code is available on GitHub, for anyone to use.

Main features:
− Load your data and settings from a .json file in your Google Drive by adding the File ID to the Mapping web app url
− Instantly filter across the entire data content as you type in the search box
− Use checkboxes for easy grouping and filtering locations according to the main filter
− Use additional filters in combination with the main filter to show selected locations
− Filtering within a section works with “inclusive or” logic
− Filtering across sections works with “and” logic
− Choose to fit the zoom and center of the map to show selected locations
− Click a marker icon to open an Infowindow showing all the details of a specific location
− Show or hide the list of selected locations
− Allows for custom code on post-processing Data, Infowindow and Locations List
− Take advantage of the many more features provided by Google Maps


Version: 114
Updated: December 5, 2018
Language: English