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Social Collaboration, Instant Messaging, Project Management, Document Management, Task Management Software
By seamlessly integrating social collaboration paradigms with existing methods, MangoApps enable a highly productive and open work environment that empowers and inspires employees at all levels.

Used separately or in conjunction, each MangoApps solves an important part of the business workflow:

Communication Modules– Integrated set of micro-blogging, instant messaging, polling, and voice calling tools. Employees can now move seamlessly from public, offline micro-blogging or polls to real-time private instant messaging or voice conversations.

Document Management Modules – Provides document management functionality to the entire company. Employees can upload documents, leave comments for authors, request updates, or follow a document.

Task Management Modules – Provides task management for every employee. Knowledge workers can keep track of their specific tasks and managers can assign work and follow employee progress, making status reports a thing of the past.

Project Management Module – Provides project management capabilities, allowing employees to focus teams on a specific goal, assign tasks, and upload documents. 

Idea Management Modules – Provides a workflow to capture ideas from across the company, allowing public discussion using micro-blogging while encouraging fresh and innovative ideas to new projects.

Event Management Modules – Allows companies and employees to plan and organize events like team summits, company meetings, training sessions, business trips and office parties


Version: 9.0.3
Updated: September 19, 2014
Language: English