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Mail My Doc by Click2Mail

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Use Mail My Doc by Click2Mail to have your document printed and mailed to virtually any address in the world.
Mail My Doc by Click2Mail turns documents into high quality physical mail that is printed overnight, prepped and mailed the next business day via First-Class Mail.

Click2Mail is a leading, cloud-based print-and-mail service that now enables you to securely manage many of your postal mailing needs directly through your Google account. Mail My Doc by Click2Mail is the simplest and easiest way to send postal mail using Google Apps.

To begin, you create a postcard or letter-sized document using Google Docs. The content and creative design is entirely up to you: full-color or black and white, text or graphics - or both, it all works with Click2Mail.  

You then create a mailing list by keying in individual addresses, uploading a list from your Drive or importing your Google contacts. Once you place your order, Click2Mail prints and mails your Doc to every contact on your mailing list for not much more than the cost of a stamp.

Need a document template or design? With the Mail My Doc Add-on template gallery you can quickly copy a template into your Drive and personalize it to create customized marketing materials, announcements or even a simple picture postcard.

With Mail My Doc by Click2Mail, you can:

- Import and standardize U.S. mailing addresses and save the data to a Google sheet in your Drive.
- Synchronize your mailing list data between Mail My Doc and Use lists in both places.
- Collaborate on a mailing project with partners or clients in real time by sharing your Google Doc with others.
- Use Google Doc’s many features and Add-ons to create dynamic, compelling mailpieces.
- Have the U.S. mailing addresses of your Google contacts standardized automatically.

Click2Mail’s standard features include:

- Postal address cleansing and standardization for all U.S. addresses added or uploaded.
- Individual mailpiece tracing in the U.S. via USPS Intelligent Mail barcode data - at no additional cost.
- No minimum volume requirements, and postage discounts on all mailpieces with standardized addresses.
- Integration of Google Apps or other systems with Click2Mail, through an easy-to-use REST API.
- No subscription or maintenance fees, pay only for what you mail.
- Awesome, live-person customer support and free educational webinars on direct mail marketing.
- Payment by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal and eCheck. Google Wallet is coming soon!


Version: 42
Updated: March 7, 2019
Language: English