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Mail Merge

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Easily personalize your emails or letters by merging data from a Sheet into your Doc. Free and Quick 24/7 Support!!!
Easiest and affordable way to merge your Google Document into emails or letters using data from a Google Sheet. No sign-up required.

Ideal for Invoicing, Customer Care, Purchase Orders, Notifications, Letters, Envelops, labels, CRM, etc

The FREE version allows you to merge only the first 5 records in your sheet. 

Just $30/year or $70 lifetime for premium version

Features include: 
 1. Send merged document as a PDF attachment to you emails
 2. Track merged rows.
 3. Cc and Bcc merge fields
 4. Merge specific rows
 5. Schedule merge time

Free and quick support offered 24/7.

Emails are sent free from any advertising.

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Version: 191
Updated: June 18, 2018
Language: English