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Add-on - Web Scraping

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Scrape data from websites like prices, views, counts, ... and add to your spreadsheet. Web scraping has never been easier.
The spreadsheet Add-On allows you to extract data from websites
and work with this scraped information in your Google Spreadsheet. Web scraping has never been easier.

Adding data is very easy and fast. Just type in the URL, select the data which
should be extracted and click a button. The value will then appear a moment later.
To refresh the data, the according cells can simply be selected and "Refresh" pressed.

Additionally is it possible to easily add data from JSON/XML API endpoints or any kind of tabular data from websites.

Also pages behind a login can be scraped by adding additional cookies and/or headers to the requests.

The Add-On uses the API which is totally free for up to 1 000 requests per month.
For higher usage other subscriptions start at 9.99 Euro per month.

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Version: 43
Updated: October 10, 2019
Language: English (United States)