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Link Style

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Customise the style of hyperlinks in your document.
Link Style allows you to customise the appearance of hyperlinks in your documents. Simply select some text whose style attributes you want applied to your hyperlinks, then go to 'Add-ons→Link Style→Update link style to match'. This will apply the attributes to all hyperlinks in your document. It will also save those attributes as the hyperlink style for that document.

*Known bug*: don't highlight part of an existing link (e.g. a single word in a linked sentence) when matching style. Either match an entire link or match a non-linked area of text.

When you add new hyperlinks, they will adopt docs' default style. You can refresh the document at any time from the Link Style sub-menu by going to 'Add-ons→Link Style→Update document'.

You can also save a default hyperlink style and restore it in any document and at any time. To reset links to docs default, highlight an existing hyperlink and clear its formatting using the docs command. With the same hyperlink highlighted, update the document link style from the Link Style sub-menu.


Version: 7
Updated: 19 May 2017
Language: English (UK)