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Lazy Notes Extras

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Manage your budget more easily and conveniently on a single spreadsheet!
Build your own financial spreadsheet in 3 minutes! Write down your expenses and payments, plan the budget and save! Leave the calculations and organization of the notes for the spreadsheet!

* Use Tags to track specific expenses like grocery shopping, light bill, water, internet and car fuel.
* Do you have a credit card? Track your card balance and installment payments on the spreadsheet.
* Anticipate your balance for the next few days with the Cash Flow sheet.
* Schedule payment of bills, invoices and monthly payments to avoid surprises!

All this and more on a single annual spreadsheet! Totally free, no ads! Your spreadsheet is stored in Google Drive for more security, privacy, and you can access it from your favorite browser, smartphone or tablet!


Version: 95
Updated: February 22, 2018
Language: English