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Koodid Barcodes

offered by Matti Eerola24,492 users


Use Koodid Barcodes to insert barcodes to your documents. The add-on supports over 80 different types of barcodes.
Save time and reduce errors in data entry by inserting barcodes to your documents. Barcodes are useful if you need to print documents and then later quickly access some data in the printed document. You can, for example, generate a QR Code containing a link to additional information and then insert it to your document. Or you can save the document ID or other ID in the document (student ID, customer ID, etc.) as barcode and then quickly access related information.

The barcodes are generated using javascript so no external service is needed to generate the barcode. You can be sure that the documents stay in Google’s servers. The downside of using javascript to generate the barcodes is that you need a modern browser to use this add-on.

Barcodes are generated using bwip-js library. Bwip-js is a JavaScript translation of the Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript library. License for these third party libraries can be found from the add-on homepage.


Version: 7
Updated: January 14, 2018
Language: English (United States)