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Access and update business data directly in Google Sheets.
Kloudio Addon for Google Sheets empowers financial analysts, product managers, marketing professionals, biz dev folks who may not know how to code to access MySql, PostgreSql,Oracle, MS SQL and Amazon Redshift data directly in Google Sheets. 

With Kloudio you can:

►Get data from multiple data sources into Google Sheets. We provide integration for MySql, PostGreSql, Oracle, MS SQL, and Amazon Redshift. We are adding new data sources every month.
►Refresh reports in Google sheets automatically using Kloudio's Report Scheduling feature.
►Share reports with your colleagues. Reports can be shared in read-only / Edit mode.
►Kloudio preserves user formatting, user columns in reports, so users don't have to redo formatting when refreshing a report in google sheets.
►Kloudio also supports uploading data from Google sheets to the database directly using the Templates feature.
►Validate data before uploading to your database. Can also enable custom validations.


Version: 119
Updated: May 18, 2017
Language: English (United States)