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Validate tabular bioinformatics file formats in Google Sheets, including QIIME mapping files.
Keemei is an open source Google Sheets add-on for validating tabular bioinformatics file formats, including QIIME mapping files.

With Keemei, you can create, edit, and validate your tabular bioinformatics files, all within Google Sheets! You don't need to worry about installing external software, exporting your spreadsheet for validation, or using the command line. Keemei is portable, available anywhere you can access Google Sheets. 

Keemei supports validating QIIME metadata mapping files, providing validation similar to QIIME’s command line script. For more info about QIIME and metadata mapping files, visit

Keemei also supports validating SRGD files (e.g., for use with geneGIS). For more information about SRGD files and geneGIS, visit

For more info about Keemei, visit

If you use Keemei for any published research, please include the following citation:

Keemei: cloud-based validation of tabular bioinformatics file formats in Google Sheets.
Rideout JR, Chase JH, Bolyen E, Ackermann G, González A, Knight R, Caporaso JG.
GigaScience. 2016;5:27.

Find the Keemei paper here:

WARNING: Keemei displays validation status by modifying cell background colors and notes. If you use Keemei, you will lose ALL existing cell background colors and notes in the active sheet. There are future plans to minimize Keemei’s impact on your Google Sheets, but for the time being this is a caveat of using Keemei.


Version: 14
Updated: July 25, 2017
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