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JSON-Base64 Import/Export

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Import and export files in the JSON-Base64 (.jb64) file format.
The JSON-Base64 file format, aka JB64, was invented for performing clean data transfers of database records and spreadsheet values across a wide variety of Internet hosts, software programs, and programming languages.  JB64 is encoded in a stream-ready format, follows a clearly defined specification, and the file format and reference implementations are public domain.

The JSON-Base64 file format:

    Supports multiple flat field types (booleans, integers, floating-point, strings, etc).

    Preserves Unicode character sequences.

    The first line contains a header record that defines each column name and its type.

    Each line contains exactly one record.

    Can be processed as a stream.

    Optional hash support for detecting accidental data corruption.

    Very easy to implement in most modern programming languages.

    Unencumbered by patents and is public domain.

It's not glamorous, but JSON-Base64 solves the real-world, age-old problem of data conveyance.  That is, moving data between two disparate software systems.


Version: 3
Updated: October 12, 2015
Language: English (United States)