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JoeZoo Express

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JoeZoo Express has every tool to make self, peer and teacher feedback EASY and FAST!
JoeZoo Express is the #1 Feedback & Grading add-on with Google App schools.

Built for teachers and students to install, it's a single add-on that makes self, peer and teacher feedback EASY!

It contains 3 Feedback & Grading Tools and numerous Time-Saving Features:

+ Rubric Builder
+ Commenting Tool
+ Grading Tool

+ Student Monkey Checker - automated checker for grammar, mechanics and punctuation errors 
+ Teacher Monkey Checker - automated writing feedback so teachers can focus time on higher order feedback
+ Preloaded Comment Set - 91 common comments that are fully editable
+ Rubric Sharing - share any rubric you make with everyone in your school or district


Version: 44
Updated: April 26, 2017
Language: English