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Jivrus' Integra for QuickBooks

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Integrates Google Sheets with QuickBooks Online
Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks is an application that integrates with QuickBooks Online with Google Sheets and helps users to get data from several objects and reports into Google Sheet.

This add-on allows to users to query
►  QuickBooks objects like Customers, Invoices, Payments etc can be queried to bring the results into Google Sheet. 

►  QuickBooks reports like Profit and Loss, Cash Flow etc can be executed to bring the output into Google Sheet.

►  Run custom queries on QuickBooks and get the results into Google sheet

Why do you need this?

You could be an accountant, auditor, senior executive, CFO, or anyone who is interested in Quickbooks data, but would love to see it in spreadsheet format and have freedom to use the data as you wanted it in Sheets or any other GSuite application. Then 'Jivrus' Integra for Quickbooks" is an ultimate tool to get you connected.

This add-on works on sandbox and production environment of QuickBooks. You can access the sandbox environment of 
QuickBooks with the free plan, you can purchase a paid plan to access production environment.

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Version: 54
Updated: July 23, 2019
Language: English