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Intrinio - Financial Data

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Financial statement data, stock prices, company info, metrics and sales & earnings estimates for U.S. companies.
The Intrinio Google Sheets Add-on allows you to access data from the US Public Company Financial Data Feed in the cloud. Supplement your analysis with fundamental 10Q and 10k data, 100+ ratios and metrics, real time IEX stock prices, valuation ratios, and other financials. Far from restricting you to a specific machine or even a terminal, the Intrinio Google Sheets Add-on lets you analyze securities anywhere, anytime, with any device.  

Install the Intrinio Google Sheets Add-on for free and test it out with the US Public Company Financial Data Feed, which includes 500 daily data points free for all users. If you enjoy the tool, upgrade your subscription to access more daily data or add new APIs to fit your needs. Instant chat support and handy pre-made templates are included to help you get started. The datapoint, fundamentals, and financials custom functions are available in Google sheets. To access more data types, including the historicaldata and prices custom functions, use your US Public Company Financial Data Feed with the Intrinio Excel Add-in.

In addition, you can access Intrinio data via our Excel Add-in (Windows and Mac compatible) and a REST API, which can be accessed by visiting

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Version: 17
Updated: February 9, 2017
Language: English (United States)