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Intrinio - Financial Data

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Financial statement data, stock prices, company info, metrics and sales & earnings estimates for U.S. companies.
The Intrinio Google Sheets add-on enables you to access the Intrinio API without any programming experience, providing flexible, easy-to-use access to a wealth of financial data.

With the Intrinio Google Sheets add-on, you can access information on companies, including descriptive data, basic company information, company metrics, current stock price data (real-time prices from IEX and validated end-of-day prices), valuation ratios, sales and earnings estimates, as well as standardized fundamentals (financial statements).

Access Intrinio data on any device, anywhere, anytime. 

Keep your sheets private, or collaborate with others. 

When you register, you will receive 500 free API Calls per day.  You can signup at anytime with plans starting at just $10/month.  Pay only for what you use.

In addition, we have an Excel Add-in (Windows and Mac compatible) and a REST API, which can be accessed from the Intrinio Data Feed Dashboard.  

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Version: 17
Updated: August 5, 2016
Language: English (United States)