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Indented Hierarchy

offered by D Young298 users


Creates indented output of hierarchical information contained in database rows.
The indented hierarchy tool makes it easy to see relationships in hierarchical data.  For example, organizations (with employee/boss relationships), project plans (with task dependencies) or any other data where items have a "parent" item.

The indented output allows for easier calculation of group sums and other analysis.

To use, select data which is in a database format (i.e. each row is an item and the columns are different fields).  Include the column headers in your selection.  Then select the "Indented Hierarchy | Create..." menu.  In the sidebar that comes up, you can specify which column contains a unique name or ID for the items and which column contains the "parent" of the items.  You can also specify other columns to be included in the output.


Version: 1
Updated: February 6, 2018
Language: English (United States)