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IMPORTFROMWEB: Import from any website

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IMPORTFROMWEB imports data from any website into your spreadsheet through a simple function. It's like IMPORTXML but on steroids!
A simple function that imports in real time any web content directly into your Google Sheet.
No coding knowledge required!


* Retrieve search results in Amazon, Google, ...
* Analyze websites links for SEO
* Gather information from multiple Wikipedia pages
* Follow stock market trends
* Extract lists of homes in Zillow
* Watch free photos in bulk from Unsplash

... and wherever your imagination brings you


* High volume of requests per sheet

   Use the function hundreds of times per spreadsheet

* Scrape pages loaded with Javascript

   Our powerful engine allows to return elements from Javascript-powered websites
* Works flawless with many websites
   A pool of proxies from all around the world allows IMPORTFROMWEB to load most of the websites.

* Stores results so it doesn’t recalculate at any change

   Unlike IMPORTXML, it doesn’t update the cells at any edition of the spreadsheet. Instead it uses a smart and customizable cache system so you keep data for hours or days.

* Use CSS selectors or XPaths to find elements on the page.

   CSS selectors is so easy to learn, but XPath is so powerful… well, just choose your flavor

* Choose your country
   You can query a website from many different places. Super useful to import local content or compare what a page displays in various countries

* Stack various pages of search results in one list

* Optional regular expressions manipulations
    Uses the power of regexs in order to extract or replace specific parts of texts. It helps you keep your data clean for further analyses


To extract content from a website, just call the IMPORTFROMWEB function and fill the urls and XPaths of the elements you are looking for:
Ex: IMPORTFROMWEB("", "//table[contains(@class,"Table2")]//td[2]")

- The three native functions only work in certain conditions. For example, they cannot load Javascript-powered websites. 
-  IMPORTFROMWEB offers much more flexibility and make the native counterparts useless

If you are used to Google's native IMPORT functions, you should give it a try ;)
If you are new to importing web content, remember that it will give you super powers: 
- Any data directly in your spreadsheet
- No more copy/pasting
- Your content refreshed regularly
- ...

Many users of Supermetrics, Slemma, Yet Another Mail Merge, Autocrat and Power Tools already love it!

Version: 2.015


Version: 83
Updated: October 31, 2019
Language: English