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Find email addresses directly in Google Sheets.
With Hunter for Google Sheets, you can easily find email addresses directly inside your spreadsheets. 

★ Domain Search

The Domain Search is the most powerful email-finding tool of its kind. Enter a domain name to find all the email addresses that have public sources. The email addresses are returned with confidence scores that estimate their accuracy.

The first names and last names are also returned if they are available.

★ Email Finder

If you want to enrich a list of people with email addresses, the Email Finder is the tool you’re looking for. Select the columns of the first names, last names and company names to automatically enrich the spreadsheet with email addresses and their confidence scores.

★ Trusted by more than a million people

Hunter (formerly Email Hunter) is used by salespeople, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, reporters and plenty of professionals who need to reach out.

★ Get started

The add-on requires an account you can create immediately after the installation. You'll get 50 free searches/month and can upgrade your account for more.

By installing the add-on, you agree to Hunter's Privacy Policy ( 

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Version: 24
Updated: September 19, 2019
Language: English