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Hotdocs Computation Generator

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Speeds up the creation of computations for HotDocs guided interview developers.
The HotDocs Computation Generator is a tool for developers of guided interviews in HotDocs Developer version 11 or newer.

It speeds up some common and time-consuming tasks when writing computations. A few useful techniques are made much easier, including generating lists of SHOW/HIDE keywords, linking two sets of components conditionally, creating a REPEAT computation, and summarizing a list of components for a cover letter or greater responsiveness in the interface of a HotDocs interview. The computation generator pulls component names and dialog contents from the component file itself, so you do not need to find a separate way to export the list of component names as you might if you use Excel Macros or a text editor.

The result is a system that can help you organize a large list of components and maintain relationships between components in a sustainable and simple to update way.


Version: 2
Updated: October 30, 2017
Language: English (United States)