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Molecular biology functions add-on for Google Docs.
Publish papers and submit patents much faster than you ever thought possible!

HelixSuite adds common biology functions, tools and calculations to the Google Docs environment. You will be more efficient without having to switch software or apps to perform these functions.

@ the Desk - Maintain focus by operating within one application rather than toggling between many apps and websites.
@ the Bench - Quickly create templates for a number of the most common calculations.

Functions include:
 -Sequence Length
 -GC Content
 -Molecular Weight
 -Find Motif
 -Find Restriction Enzyme Sites
 -Count Restriction Enzyme Sites

 -Peptide Length
 -Molecular Weight
 -Amino Acid Count
 -Isoelectric Point
 -Glycosylation Prediction
 -Find Motif

>Primer Calculations:
 -Tm Basic
 -Tm Salt Adjusted
 -Tm Base Stacking

 -Clean Sequence (removes all numbers and spaces from a sequence)
 -Format Sequence (numbers and adds gaps in sequences similar to GenBank)
 -Upper ATC lower g (formats sequence with A, T and C in uppercase, all G in lowercase g)

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HelixSuite starts with a 30 day trial, then is $99 per year.


Version: 23
Updated: July 26, 2017
Language: English (United States)