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Heading Numbers

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Add automatic heading numbering to your document in a flash! Has 7 predefined styles, plus the ability to add any custom style.
Heading Numbers for Google Documents allow you to add automatic heading numbering to any Google Document. Choose from 7 predefined styles or define your own custom style.

Predefined styles:
 - 1.2.3 – Digits without trailing dot
 - 1.2.3. – Digits with trailing dot
 - a.b.c – Lowercase letters
 - A.B.C – Uppercase letters
 - i.ii.ii – Lowercase roman
 - I.II.III – Uppercase roman
 - 1) a) i) – Changing style followed by a trailing parenthesis

The heading numbering relies on the document structure to identify headings of level 1 through 6, and number them according to their level.


Version: 13
Updated: June 25, 2018
Language: English (United States)