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Converts Chinese text to Hanyu Pinyin, with or without tone marks.
Version 23
--Bug fixes.

--Comprehensive tone sandhi
--Automatic removal of tone 5 tone mark annotation
--Converts Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters
--Converts a single text value or a range of text values
--Convert from tone numbers to tone marks
--Convert from tone marks to tone numbers
--Convert to tone marks specified in ISO standard for transliteration

--Build and share new vocabulary lessons directly in Google Sheets
--Design and deploy a custom dictionary lexicon
--Create Android apps powered by Google Sheets
--Instruction support for a classroom-based activity
--Tutoring and online collaboration for a custom Mandarin Chinese curriculum

=HANYUPINYIN(text): pinyin with tone numbers.
=HANYUPINYIN_TONELESS(text): pinyin with no tones.
=HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS(text): pinyin with backwards-compatible tone marks.
=HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS_ISO(text): pinyin with ISO tone marks.

Previous Versions
--Functions list now loads faster.
--Bug fixes.
--Improved performance.
-- Adds the ability to convert a text value or a text range. Using ranged text input allows for more conversions with "fewer" function calls. For example, either formula HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS(A1) or HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS(A1:A15) will work.
--Adds new method HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS_ISO with ISO 7098 compliant format, with caron diacritic
--Reverts HANYUPINYIN_TONEMARKS to backwards-compatible format, with breve diacritic; should fix issues with apps that are looking for this version of third tone.
--Better, cleaner code, for better performance
--Improved tone removal for HANYUPINYIN_TONELESS function
--Bug fixes and improvements
--Pinyin third tone is now a ISO 7098 compliant caron (not a breve)
--More efficient tone processing



Version: 23
Updated: December 17, 2018
Language: English