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GSM MailMerge

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Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!
GSM is an very easy to use and not limited mail merge application to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Create a regular email template in Gmail (saved as draft) and enter your recipients in Google Sheets. 

You can format and style your email directly in Gmail. 
Add images, tables, attachments, ...

Main features:

- Mail merge 
Send personalized emails with Google Sheets and Google Mail (also with attachments or with email alias) - easy and fast.

- Optimize and clean up your records!
Identify invalid, duplicate and junk email addresses with 1 click.

- BounceOut 
Process automatically all 'failed to delivered' emails in Sheets and Gmail.

GSM. A powerful and easy to use email marketing solution for your business.
Happy mailing, klaus

GSM Homepage:

Latest features: 
- Send with alias email address
- Colored display of used and available variables in "Send" mask.
- More than 1 email address as recipient (also for CC & BCC)
  For more than 1 receiver enter email addresses comma separated in a cell.
  Example: ",,"
- Cc and Bcc recipients support
  (simply set "cc" or "bcc" as column names)
- Variables can be used in links. 

N o t e s: 
This application is free and has no functional limitations. The number of emails/day is NOT limited by GSM! The daily limit is defined by your Google Account!

The limits by Google are typically: 100/day for private accounts and 1500/day for business accounts. Please keep in mind: THIS LIMITS ARE DEFINED BY YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT - NOT BY GSM!


Version: 93
Updated: August 1, 2018
Language: English