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GSM MailMerge

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Mail Merge with Google Sheets and Google Mail. Send easy and fast personalized emails! The app is complete free and not limited!
GSM is an very easy to use and not limited mail merge application to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Create a regular email template in Gmail (saved as draft) and enter your recipients in Google Sheets. 

You can format and style your email directly in Gmail. 
Add images, tables, attachments, ...


- Send up to 1500 Email/day! 
You can send with GSM as many Emails as your Google Account allows!

- Mail merge 
Send personalized emails with Google Sheets and Google Mail, easy and fast.

- Unubscribe
Handle automatically unsubscriptions

- Mail opened stats
See who has opened your email.

- Failed to deliver 
Process automatically all 'failed to delivered' emails.

- Optimize and clean up your records!
Identify invalid, duplicate and junk email addresses with 1 click.

- Campaign Logs & stats
Campaign history and results

- Support of Google Sheets "Filter" function. 
Pick and reach your target group without a hassle. Super easy and really useful!

- Send emails with custom attachments
Send individual attachments for different recipients.

- Tracking with Google Analytics
Monitor your campaigns, email opens and clicks on links.

- SendAs 
Send emails with an alias address (defined in your Gmail settings) 

Why do we need the 'Google Drive' permission? First, we try to use as few permissions as possible. And if we need a new permission we have to send a request with reasoning to Google. They check then our source code to ensure that we are only doing what we need and allowed to do. We use the Google Drive permission to: 1.) handle filters in sheets and 2.) the main usage, to access custom email attachments - nothing more!

All other permissions are needed to establish the core functionality.

This application is free and has no functional limitations. The number of emails/day is NOT limited by GSM! The daily limit is defined by your Google Account!

The limits by Google are typically: 100/day for private accounts and 1500/day for business accounts. Please keep in mind: THIS LIMITS ARE DEFINED BY YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT - NOT BY GSM!

GSM. A powerful and easy to use email marketing solution for your business.
Happy mailing, klaus

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Version: 110
Updated: April 16, 2019
Language: English