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Grackle Merge

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Grackle Merge brings data from Google Sheets or Gmail into Accessible Google Docs
Organizations communicate with customers throughout their day-to-day operations. Communication can take different forms: welcome letters, special announcements, thank-you emails, and invoices to name just a few. The Grackle Merge Add On for Google Docs can help organizations produce various forms of written communication more efficiently.
With the Grackle Merge Add On, your organization can create a batch of personalized correspondence to send to your contacts. Each document can include both standard and custom content. You can choose, for example, to greet each recipient by their first name, use their mailing address, or add unique information like a membership number. All the information you use to customize the letter or email is taken from entries in your data source, which can be a mailing list.


Version: 13
Updated: February 26, 2017
Language: English