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Gopher for Groups

offered by Amplified Labs1,158 users


Dig into your Google Groups settings and root out the hidden risks. Adds Google Groups administrative mojo to any Google Sheet.
Google Groups are a very powerful permissions, communications, and collaboration tool in G Suite for EDU districts, but auditing and managing their access settings can be a challenge at scale.

Gopher for Groups lets you gain visibility and control of critical Google Groups 
access and permissions settings that impact the security of domain resources and communications.

Group owners sometimes make risky edits to critical settings like “Who can join” or “Who can post” in ways admins can’t easily discover.

Default settings for new groups are likely too permissive for a typical school environment.

Group settings are overwhelmingly many, and are extremely time-consuming to update at scale via Google’s user interface.

How Gopher for Groups boosts your administrative game:

- Quickly import all Google Groups settings available via Google’s APIs.

- Filter for key privacy or online safety risks, such as permissive join or posting settings.

- Perform advanced group membership analysis to account for all owners and managers, identify nested groups, and look for groups with membership set to “all in domain.”

- Make all your group settings right in the sheet.  Use the power of Sheets filters to limit which groups you want to update.

- Preview all changes before bulk-committing them to Google’s APIs


Version: 19
Updated: July 30, 2019
Language: English (United States)