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Gopher for Gmail

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The beta version empowers G Suite admins to "claw back" spam or accidental email sends from users' Gmail inboxes. More to come...
Claw back emails after phishing attacks, FERPA breaches, or inappropriate sends…

Gmail, like any email system, can be a vector for malware and phishing attacks.  While Google has gotten better at catching these threats before they arrive in user inboxes, the threat continues to evolve and occasionally evade auto-detection.

Schools are mixed-user environments, where sensitive, legally-protected student information can sometimes end up in student inboxes through user error — whether it’s an auto-complete or a badly-formed Google Group.

Whether it’s a phishing attack, a FERPA snafu, or an inappropriate prank, school administrators need the power to remediate and quickly eliminate the threats posed by certain emails.


Version: 23
Updated: July 30, 2019
Language: English (United States)