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g(Math) for Forms

offered by John McGowan94,530 users


Create graphs, statistical displays, multiple choice questions, and write complex math directly in your Form!
Create graphs and complex math directly in the sidebar and insert them as Form items. You can also deploy a Form to allow responders to craft responses using g(Math) tools!

You can use LaTeX commands or prebuilt codes to create complex math. Some examples include geometric signs, custom characters, and formulas (like the quadratic formula). 

With the graph creator, you can type in functions and create the graph associated with that function. You can also plot points in the same graph, find the line of best fit of those points, and specify a viewing window. 

Use the handwriting entry to maximize the use of touchscreen devices to insert entries and drawings.

The multiple choice builder will allow you to input items in a variety of ways, including by webCam and inserting images from Google Drive. 

This will be an invaluable tool for any math class or math teacher. Now, creating math items for your Form is possible!


Version: 23
Updated: August 30, 2016
Language: English (United States)