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Generate content in reStructuredText format and commit to Github repository.
The GGeditor Add-on can generate reStructuredText file from the Google Docs. The generated reST file can be committed to the Github repository with the GGeditor. Then, that repository’s documentations hosted by the got automatically updated.

Release Jan 15, 2017 
* Multiple accounts for committing to the Github
* Option of converting tables with HTML <TABLE> 

* Easy starting for reST beginners, even no idea about reST markups.
* Powered by the Google Docs. Almost what you see is what you get.
* Support committing to the Github repository.
* Preview the generated reST file and download to local machine.
* Support headings, bold, italic, hyperlink, subscript and superscript.
* Support footnotes, image, list item and table.
* Support full-width characters (CKJ).
* Support internal links to bookmarks, headings, documents.


Version: 9
Updated: January 15, 2017
Language: English (United States)