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GFormIt for Docs

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Timesaving tool that automatically creates exams or polls as Google Forms based on questions and answers crafted in Google Docs
GFormIt is a timesaving tool written by a teacher (and engineer) for teachers and other Google Apps users who spend a lot of time creating Google Forms. You only need to draft the questions (and possibly answers) using Google Docs, and with GFormIt, no longer have to spend additional precious time in the Google Forms editor, if at all.

Build your assessment (exam/test/quiz, poll, questionnaire, etc.) in a Google Doc by entering a question on one line and optionally an answer on the next line. Add a blank line between each Q&A (or Q-only) "group." Once you're done entering all your questions and (optional) answers, choose "GFormIt for Docs" from the "Add-ons" menu and select "Generate Form" to create the Google Form and Google Sheet for responses. Upon completion, those auto-generated documents will show up in your Google Drive, and a convenient e-mail with links will be sent to you. More information is available by selecting "About GFormIt" or "Help" from the menu as well as at


Version: 4
Updated: October 3, 2014
Language: English