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G-Connector for Salesforce

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Connect your Google Spreadsheet to and exchange data with it both manually and automatically.
G-Connector (formerly Enabler4Sheets) unlocks the Salesforce data loading functionality of the popular Microsoft Excel add-on ( in the Google Drive environment.
Save big on Salesforce licenses by providing your users with real-time view into Salesforce data by scheduling automatic refreshes of the previously pulled data and sharing the spreadsheet.
You will also save a lot of time by doing Salesforce data loads, queries, mass updates and insert not from Salesforce, but directly from your Google Spreadsheets.
You'll be able to pull data directly from using a custom query or by simply pulling a report you'd previously created in 
You can edit the data and push it back to Salesforce using Update command.
You can also import new data to from your existing Google Spreadsheets using the Insert command.


Version: 360
Updated: December 6, 2018
Language: English