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G-Accon for XERO

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Work with your live Xero accounting data and reports directly from Google Spreadsheets.
G-Accon is a Xero App Partner - powerful Add-On designed for Google Sheets integration with Xero Accounting Software. Sign in to Xero directly from spreadsheets and easily pull real-time data & reports or design your own reports and dashboards using the power of Google Sheets. Refresh data instantly and securely share with your team & clients in Google drive. 

Product Features:
 * Sign in to Xero from Google Sheets (through secure OAuth authorization)

 * Get Data from Xero tables
Pull data from Xero tables using accounting connector: Invoices, Expense Claims, Contacts, Bank Transactions, Accounts, etc. Deep links make it easy for you to navigate directly to a document or resource within Xero.

 * Download Xero Reports: 
Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Detailed Account Transactions, 1099, etc. 

 * Custom reports: 
Purchase Order Summary Report, Purchase Orders Report, VAT 126, VAT Audit Report with Supplier's VAT Registration Number, New Income Statement with compare to previous periods. Can't find a report you are looking for? Contact us and we will develop a custom report for your business.

 * Report search screen
Filter and customize your reports based on tracking categories, cash/accrual basis, date range, compare to previous periods options, etc. 

 * Get US Payroll Data
New: US Payroll connector allows you to pull data from Employees, Pay stubs, Pay Schedules, etc.

 * Easily switch between multiple organizations.

 * Refresh data instantly, without going to 

 * Deep links allows you to link to Invoices, Contacts, Bank Transactions, Reports and other documents within Xero 

 * Design your own reports and dashboards using Google Sheets and real-time Xero data

 * Share and collaborate using Google Sheets functionality
With G-Accon, you can free yourself from copy and paste and manually exporting data from Xero to Excel or Google spreadsheets. All your data will be available in Google Sheets, so you will increase efficiency and save a lot of time!

 * Support
Contact us at for all questions, 
technical issues, feedback or if you would like to request new features.  

 * Product Requirements
You must have an active Xero account.


Version: 60
Updated: May 22, 2018
Language: English (United States)