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G-Accon for AWS

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Connect AWS Management Console to Google Sheets. Export AWS Reports, Metadata and Automate your Tasks.
G-Accon for AWS is an awesome Google Sheets Add-On build for Amazon Web Services. You do not need to be expert in Amazon Web Services  to use G-Accon for AWS plug-in. Easily understood  UI helps you to get reports: EC2 instances for all regions, amazon EBS snapshots for all regions, classic and application load balancers, elastic IPs for all regions, created Amazon Machine Images (AMI) for all regions, list of all users, roles and groups, etc. 
Use auto-refresh functionality and keep your reports up-to-date.

Support: Contact us at for all questions, issues, or if you would like to request new features.


Version: 7
Updated: May 7, 2018
Language: English (United States)