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Fudok uses a template to generate a custom PDF for each form submission.
Fudok allows you to send people documents customized with their form inputs.

A more complete Help page can be found online:

More help:

1. Select the document.

You can use any PDF as a template.

- Select an existing document, even if you didn't create it.
- Create a new PDF using any editor (e.g. Acrobat, Word/OpenOffice PDF export).

2. Choose merge areas

Once you have selected the PDF document, you need to bring document and user data together.

You need to choose which kind of data (text, checkbox, ...) will be merged where, with which name.

- If your PDF includes AcroForm: areas are automatically extracted according AcroFields.
- Otherwise, you can design a template using any existing document; Either design template areas with the online quick editor (inside browser, without required plugin:; Or design areas using the advanced editor (downloadable free:

3. Configure the form

After you have the PDF template saved on Fudok, then it can be configured on your Google Form, so that people can fill inputs and get documents customized accordingly.

* More features

- Analytics for your document generation (with Google Analytics or Piwik).

* Useful links

- Demonstration form:


Version: 86
Updated: April 1, 2015
Language: English