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Write your screenplay. Leave the formatting to Fountainize.
Fountainize lets you write simple text and convert it into a beautifully formatted script all with the press of a button. Collaborative screenwriting has never been this easy!

Fountainize is based on the Fountain markup language. By writing your text following a simple set of rules, Fountainize is able to determine what should be a character, dialogue, action, or any other part of a script. Don't worry though! The rules are easy. For example:

Character: Write in all caps, ex. SAMANTHA
Scene: Start the line with 'int.' or 'ext.' (no quotations of course!)
Dialogue: The line after a character or parenthetical is always considered dialogue

See? The rules are designed to speed up your workflow and let Fountainize do the dirty work for you. Whenever you feel like turning your text into screenplay, just hit the button and voila! It's done.

Fountainize was built specifically so you can reap all the benefits of Google Docs while still making professional looking screenplays. Now, Fountainize won't replace professional screenwriting software (it doesn't do continued dialogue or exceptions to rules*) but it is the BEST tool for efficiently writing drafts or personal projects. And of course, working with friends!

Happy writing!

* Not yet, anyway
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v2.1 (October 19, 2017)
- Added transitions, centered text
- Minor wording fixes

v2.0 (October 18, 2017)
- Released!


Version: 3
Updated: November 22, 2017
Language: English