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Forms to AODocs

offered by AODocs773 users


Forms to AODocs lets you create AODocs documents by simply filling out a Google Form.
Forms to AODocs makes it easy to connect a Google Form with an AODocs library so that users can create new documents in AODocs by simply submitting the form.

Some of our favorite Forms to AODocs features: 

- You can connect a Google Form with an AODocs document class in a just few clicks. Whenever a user submits the form, a new document of the corresponding class is created in AODocs.

- The add-on maps fields between the Google Form and AODocs properties (for example, multiple choice questions in a form and AODocs categories) 

- Helps users build Forms by analyzing the compatibility of Form questions with the corresponding AODocs properties

Forms to AODocs works with AODocs. You must have a valid AODocs license to use it.


Version: 13
Updated: October 5, 2017
Language: English (United States)