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Forms to AODocs

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Forms to AODocs lets you create AODocs documents by simply filling out a Google Form.
Forms to AODocs makes it easy to connect a Google Form with an AODocs library so that users can create new documents in AODocs by simply submitting the form.

Some of our favorite Forms to AODocs features: 

- You can connect a Google Form with an AODocs document class in a just few clicks. Whenever a user submits the form, a new document of the corresponding class is created in AODocs

- The add-on maps fields between the Google Form and AODocs properties (for example, multiple choice questions in a form and AODocs categories) 

- Helps users build Forms by analyzing the compatibility of Form questions with the corresponding AODocs properties

Forms to AODocs works with AODocs. Forms to AODocs is included in the AODocs Application Platform features. To use it on your domain, you need to have AODocs Application Platform licenses for all the users having access to the AODocs library connected to this add-on.


Version: 21
Updated: June 11, 2019
Language: English (United States)