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Recycle questions from other Forms in your Drive or Team Drive by selecting them. It will even recycle feedback for Form Quizzes!
Did you ever want to just reuse a few questions from a Form in your Drive? Now you can, just pick the Form in the popup window and it will populate with the questions from that Form. It even will show you which questions were required in the original form and make them required in your new one! Select the ones you want to insert and FormRecycler will automagically insert them at the end of the Form!

Now also supports Team Drives and will recycle quiz questions preserving the point values. It will not recycle embedded images, video questions or section headers right now.

You can recycled embedded images and images in Multiple Choice and Checkbox options by using the FormRecycler Chrome Extension now!
To install it, go to:

Version 48 update:
Bug fixing

Version 47 update:
Bug fixing

Version 46 update:
Bug fixing

Version 44 update:
Added images to question choice screen and fixed the order of Multiple Choice and Checkbox items to be accurately recycled. Enabled the recycling of embedded images and images in Multiple Choice and Checkbox options with the FormRecycler Chrome Extension:

Version 43 update:
Bug fixing

Version 42 update:
Bug fixing
Version 41 update: 
Fixed issue that was returning this error: 
Error: Error: 400 - Invalid data; couldn't parse JSON object. Are you sending a JSON object with valid key names?

April 1, 2019 update:
Will recycle Quiz general feedback, incorrect feedback text & URLs, and correct feedback text & URLs (cannot recycle Youtube video feedback).
Added Unlimited premium plan functionality.


Version: 48
Updated: June 1, 2019
Language: English (United States)